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__ 329,152_ TOTAL MILES FROM __20____RIDERS LOGGED AS OF 1/22/18

CALLING ALL ROMEOs, the 2017 riding year has come to an end and it is time to turn in your miles. I am anxious to recording miles for the 2017riding year. This is not a contest and there will be no prizes, awards and no audit. I will post the information, if you will send me, 1) approximate miles ridden Jan-Dec 2016, 2) the motorcycles you rode this on—make, model and year, 2) your first name and city, 3) highlights of your riding this year. I know some of the numbers seem high but these are meant to be the number of miles you rode this year not the total miles you have ridden in your whole motorcycle riding career :o If you have a favorite picture of you and your motorcycle, seen it I will try to post it.

Here is a link to what was turned in 2010. viewtopic.php?f=20&t=1022
****2010.. 25 riders turned in 409,657 miles...High Mileage Rider Bucky 37,000 miles..Lawrence, KS

Here is a link to what was turned in 2011. viewtopic.php?f=9&t=1583&p=3759&hilit=2 ... port#p3759
****2011.. 77 riders turned in 1,209,282 miles...High Mileage Rider John E...45,613 miles...Shawnee, KS

Here is a link to what was turned in 2012. viewtopic.php?f=9&t=2197&p=5355&hilit=2 ... eage#p5355
****2012.. 115 riders turned in 1,627.751.6 miles...High Mileage Rider John E....50,819 miles...Shawnee, KS

Here is a link to what was turned in 2013 viewtopic.php?f=9&t=2741&p=7864&hilit=2 ... eage#p7864
****2013.. 85 riders turned in 1,083,469 miles...High Mileage Rider David W....47,384 miles...High Point, NC...2nd Highest Mileage was Bucky, Lawrence, KS with 34,000 miles.

Here is a link to what was turned in 2014 viewtopic.php?f=9&t=3335&p=7941&hilit=2 ... eage#p7941
****2014..55 riders turned in 717,348 miles....High Mileage Rider David W....42,841 miles...High Point, NC. 2nd Highest Mileage was Harry B....Topeka, KS with 31,833 miles!!

Here is a link to what was turned in 2015 viewtopic.php?f=9&t=3838&p=9095&hilit=2 ... eage#p9095
****2015..__ 753,332 _ TOTAL MILES FROM __44____RIDERS...High Mileage Rider was John E..Shawnee, KS with 41,010 miles and 2nd was Dave W...High Point, NC with 40,753 miles.

Here is a link to what was turned in 2016 viewtopic.php?f=9&t=4407
*****890,890 miles were turned in from 65 riders .. Number 1 with 40,213 miles was David Willet, High Point, NC, 2nd with 38,114 miles was Roger from Leawood, KS

You may not think what you have done this year is of interest to anyone, but I think you would be surprised. I am always interested to hear how far guys are riding or if they just go to Romeo lunches, the different bikes guys enjoy riding, some are new, some old, some big, some small, and most of all where did you go this year. Maybe you went to Eskridge, KS or maybe to Alaska. Please share no matter how grand or how small everyone will enjoy. If you have been to a lunch. YOU ARE A ROMEO. If you don't know you mileage let us hear from you anyway. This is our only way of finding out who we are, what we are riding and where we are from.

Send info to Roger, twowheels2eat@yahoo.com

2,624 miles....1983 "yellow" BMW....Tricia T....Raytown, MO

3,589 miles....Harley Davidson....Marvin G....Gardner, MO

4,451 miles....2014 Harley Davidson "Heritage"....Doug E....Olathe, KS
Fair weather miles

6,200 miles.... 2015 spyder rt-s all romeo lunch rides except spring and fall rendezvous and spyderfest in springfield Harold Jr. and Joanie Tilton

7,807 miles....2009 Harley Davidson Road King....Bob and Wanda K....
No big trips, Romeos, Spring Rendezvous and Bikes Blues &BBQ in Fayetteville, Ar

9,238 miles.....2003 Honda Gold Wing Trike....Randy & Carol...Butler, MO

10,420 miles.... 2016 BMW R1200RT.... Dennis C... Camden Point Mo

10,431 miles....Various....Bob P.
Most of the miles were on ROMEO rides. I also did the Iowa Border Ride and a tour of suspension bridges in Missouri. I did a lot of exploring on the dual sport riding in Colorado and many backroads in Johnson, Douglas, and Miami counties.

2014 BMW R1200GSW 5,421
2016 Indian Springfield 4,036
2016 Yamaha WR250R 974
TOTAL 10,431
Thanks for all you do for the group. We're sure going to miss you and Missy.
Bob Poste

12,039 miles....Harley Davidson....Dan & Ellen G....Basehor, KS

13,700 miles....1999 Harley Davidson Road King & 1981 Gold Wing Interstate....Dan & Glenda....Lone Jack, MO

14,425 miles...– '05 Honda ST1300, '09 Kawasaki KLR650, 2012 Harley XR1200X, 1973 Honda CL350 – Roger Smith, Wichita.
The ST1300 accounted for 10,964 miles, 1,313 miles on the XR1200X (down for a few months during some serious engine upgrades,) 2,074 on the KLR, and 74 on the CL350. I only made it to seven states last year, with destinations in Arkansas, Colorado, New Mexico, and Texas. I rode to thirty-eight ROMEO meals in Kansas (drove to seven others and missed six,) and rode to two ROMEO lunches with the Texas ROMEO crew.

14,497 miles....2017/2008 Honda Gold Wing....Ted and Penny K....Kansas City, MO

20,434 miles....2012 Gold Wing....Ed J....Gardner, KS
14 states & 2 Canadian providences.

23,005 miles....2 Gold Wings....John E....Shawnee, KS

26,067 miles....2015 Honda Gold Wing....Roger & Missy S....Leawood, KS

26,385 miles...J2017 Yamaha Super Tenere ES 10306 miles, 2009 Kawasaki Concours 14778 miles, 1992 Honda VFR 1301 miles...Jmmie G.

27,472 mi.....2016 Harley Triglide Red on Red. Bill & Linda.......Harlingen TX & Topeka KS
We only made it to our place in TX one time (Summer Vacation) on the bike instead of twice like we try to do. The rest of the mi were mostly day trips & to the Hub in Sept. We do try & make the Tue, Wed & Fri Rides when we can. We couldn't make it to the Spring Rendezvous...We were under the weather & still recuperating.

30,016 miles....2012 Yamaha 1300 .... Ruth S.... Topeka, KS
Hay, this is Ruth A. Schuetz, been looking to post my mileage for 2017, finally remembered to look again. Was told I should Email you all the details. I ride a 2012 Yahama 1300 V-Star, and rode 30,016 miles in 2017. Penny, my riding buddy only rode about 6,000 before she was hit by a car on the 13th of June. I turned over 100,000 miles this year and now working on the 2nd 100,000. In 2017 I rode through Kansas into Colorado in July for a Women On Wheels® Ride-In. Through Nebraska, into Iowa, South Dakota and Wyoming riding to and from Sturgis in August. Through Kansas, Oklahoma into Texas the end of September and through Missouri into ArKansas for two ROMEO Rendezvous. Making a total of 10 states for 2017.

The 21st of December I got myself a new riding bubby, so maybe she will get some miles this year.

Thanks for all you do for the ROMEOs
Ride with an Angel on Your Shoulder.
Ruth A. Schuetz

32,150 miles....2014 BMW K1600GT....Gary & Mary D....Parkville, MO
States: MO, IA, NE, MN, SD, IL, KS, AZ

34,201 miles....Harley's...."Harley Charlie"....Mulvane, KS
Harley-Charlie, Mulvane Kansas
2016 Harley Limited - 32668 miles
2016 Harley Street Bob - 865 miles
2014 Harley Sporty - 668 miles

My total = 34,201 miles

Bill & Linda.jpg
27,472 mi.....2016 Harley Triglide Red on Red. Bill & Linda.......Harlingen TX & Topeka KS

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