Fish & Chips on the seafront!

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Fish & Chips on the seafront!

Post by Alb1on » Sat May 28, 2016 7:21 am

Greetings All from across the Pond and hope all is well with you. We decided to wait until May to have our first Romeo lunch of the year to get the best of the weather and thought we could blow the cobwebs away with a trip to the seaside.

We chose an excellent fish & chip shop just opposite the beach complete with waiter service and hearty food. Fish & chips is something you really must try when you come here and it tastes even better by the sea. The side dishes are gherkins, saveloys (a kind of sausage), mushy peas and pickled onions with healthy lashings of salt and vinegar to bring out the flavours. Once you have tasted one of the best kept secrets of British fast food we guarantee you will love it. The weather was great - warm and sunny and probably because of that the beach was quite busy for a Thursday. Too cold for swimming yet though... :o

After lunch we went down to the beach in search of ice cream for dessert as that is such a seaside essential and then left to ride home through the South Downs which give amazing views back to the sea. It was an excellent first lunch of the year and as the weather should continue to warm up, we are very much looking forward to more lunches up until about September, touch wood.

N.B. Brighton is particularly famous for 'The Lanes' an artisan shopping area based around the old lanes of Brighton and it was here we grabbed a quick cup of mid-morning coffee while strolling around the area before then meeting up with everyone for lunch.


The British Romeos.
Left to right - Cathy, Jeff, Caroline, Linda, Bob & Alan.
A local resident.
Carousel with the old pier in the background.
The East pier in a somewhat better state...
Acrobats on the sea front - just how do they do that?
No strings or visual trickery here...
Cathy enjoying a cup of coffee in 'The Lanes' while over her shoulder is a local 16th Century Inn.
'The Cricketers' a local 16th Century Inn. ... !1e1?hl=en

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Re: Fish & Chips on the seafront!

Post by Parrothead » Sat Aug 06, 2016 12:54 am

Thanks for sharing the pictures of your ride. I've been to Britain several times for work and play but never had the pleasure of touring there on my motorcycle. Have to add that to my bucket list.
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Re: Fish & Chips on the seafront!

Post by Alb1on » Sun Sep 25, 2016 1:23 pm


We just came back from a 1657 mile ride through Scotland with occasional rain, hot sunshine and stunning scenery. the history is amazing from the Borders up to the Western Isles and if you like you can wrap your tongue round the Gaelic place names. The good thing is you can get from one end of the country to another really quickly so should have no trouble seeing most of it on your tour.



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