2017 Spring ROMEO Rendezvous April, 25th,26th

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2017 Spring ROMEO Rendezvous April, 25th,26th

Post by bucky » Thu Jan 05, 2017 12:45 pm

:lol: :lol: As I set here on this cold 15 degree snowy day It feels good to think of warmer days ahead. We will have the Spring Rendezvous at the Holiday Hotel in Eureka Springs, Ar. again this year. This has turned out to be a very good location for us. It is a nice modern Hotel with a very good Hot breakfast, and they like us, and give us a very good rate on the room's. The restaurant next door has a very good buffet for our Wed. night meal.

Most people show up Tuesday afternoon and shoot the bull on the parking lot. Then go out in small groups that eve.
On Wed. we go out in small group's and ride the great roads in that area. Be back that night for supper next door at 6pm. We will have award's ans 50/50 drawing after supper at the Hotel.

Make your reservation's at

Holiday Hotel
3010 E. Van Buren
Eureka Springs, Ar.
Tell them you are with the ROMEO. they will put us together, and give us a discount.
See you there.
Bucky :D :D
04-26-16 023.JPG
04-26-16 023.JPG (116.14 KiB) Viewed 1767 times
04-26-16 072.JPG
04-26-16 072.JPG (139.92 KiB) Viewed 1767 times
04-26-16 073.JPG
04-26-16 073.JPG (151.97 KiB) Viewed 1767 times
4-27-16 070.JPG
4-27-16 070.JPG (120.61 KiB) Viewed 1767 times
4-27-16 084.JPG
4-27-16 084.JPG (113.78 KiB) Viewed 1767 times
4-27-16 113.JPG
4-27-16 113.JPG (111.73 KiB) Viewed 1767 times

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Re: 2017 Spring ROMEO Rendezvous April, 25th,26th

Post by roginoz » Thu Jan 05, 2017 12:57 pm

I'm in; booked a room and put it on the calendar.
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Re: 2017 Spring ROMEO Rendezvous April, 25th,26th

Post by lindad608 » Mon Jan 09, 2017 10:17 am

Hey Ya'll, Bill and I have booked 4 days for the event. 1 before and 1 after, hoping to hit SE ROMEOS on the way home. The rate is $59.99 +Tax per night, they let me use AARP which dropped the price $5. Thought you would want the info. SEE YOU THERE. RIDE SAFE.

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Re: 2017 Spring ROMEO Rendezvous April, 25th,26th

Post by kai61 » Fri Jan 13, 2017 12:20 pm

Got my room reserved. :)
May the wind always smile on you.

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Re: 2017 Spring ROMEO Rendezvous April, 25th,26th

Post by bucky » Sat Apr 15, 2017 9:58 am

4-27-16 128.JPG
Hoser getting his
4-27-16 128.JPG (103.01 KiB) Viewed 778 times
:D Well I just called Katrina at the Holiday Hotel in Eureka Springs Arkansas. She is very happy with the response from the ROMEO'S. We have booked 44 rooms so far. Looks like we are going to have a very good turn out. I also checked with the Forrest Hill restaurant. They are preparing a very good choice of food's for our Wed night meal.
All the garage art awards are made and ready to be presented to some very deserving ROMEO'S.
If a couple ROMEO'S would stop by the local M.C. shop and pick up a few Tshirts and Caps give away as door prizes, it would be very appreciated.
Looking forward to seeing all of you in Eureka Springs. Make your res.
See ya
Bucky :lol: :lol:
4-27-16 147.JPG
Bob and Bucky
4-27-16 147.JPG (83.08 KiB) Viewed 778 times
4-27-16 152.JPG
Would you want an award from this guy?
4-27-16 152.JPG (96.07 KiB) Viewed 778 times
4-27-16 167.JPG
Hope Harry rides better than he flies
4-27-16 161.JPG
Bill got the right kind of award
4-27-16 161.JPG (84.31 KiB) Viewed 778 times

Bob K.
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Re: 2017 Spring ROMEO Rendezvous April, 25th,26th

Post by Bob K. » Fri Apr 28, 2017 10:02 pm

Even with the threat of wet weather for Tuesday night and Wednesday there were a record number of Romeos in attendance this year. A good dinner at Sparky's in Eureka Springs and catching up with other groups over adult beverages later. The rain came in early Wednesday morning and didn't let up till late in the day, so some sat in the lobby having in depth conversations, some of us rode the trolley into town for window and real shopping a few even got out for a short wet "I can't take it anymore!" ride. The motel provided some snacks and one of the cooks, Maria, even made from scratch, hot rolls for the enjoyment of many. Forrest Hill Restaurant next to the motel provided us with a good salad and buffet bar for dinner. The meeting had to be moved to the lobby, as we had 58 register for a total of 67 attending, we didn't fit in the conference room! The meeting opened with a remembrance of those who had passed recently and those who are ill at this time. The motel clerk was such a good sport, letting us rearrange the lobby and just take over. Thanks to Mick for keeping us on track as much as possible as MC and Bucky for putting on this awesome event and making the trophies. Thanks also need to go out to all the coordinators who week after week put in the time necessary to keep us going strong.
April Romeo Trip W 052.JPG
A few of us with the Holiday Hotel sign.
April Romeo Trip B 019.JPG
April Romeo Trip B 021.JPG
April Romeo Trip B 025.JPG
A little sun and wind burn makes a Romeo hungry!
April Romeo Trip B 027.JPG
One of the several mini-gatherings.
April Romeo Trip 043.JPG
April Romeo Trip 013.JPG
The breakfast was good again this year.
April Romeo Trip 032.JPG
We had nine ladies in attendance, at least three riding their own bikes.
April Romeo Trip 034.JPG
April Romeo Trip B 030.JPG
They almost needed a bigger trolley.
April Romeo Trip B 029.JPG
Taking the trolley into the downtown.
April Romeo Trip B 033.JPG
April Romeo Trip W 185.JPG
Nothing better than window shopping in the rain!
April Romeo Trip 029.JPG
The lobby was a good place to gather and wish we were riding.
April Romeo Trip 030.JPG
April Romeo Trip 035.JPG
Counting Joe's wife Jill we had four of the Lamar Romeos with us.
April Romeo Trip 039.JPG
Some of the guys were making their own bathing suits for the pool.
April Romeo Trip 041.JPG
Joe was prepared for the downtime.
April Romeo Trip 050.JPG
We filled the Forest Room and part of the main dining area.
April Romeo Trip 051.JPG
April Romeo Trip 052.JPG

Bob K.
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Re: 2017 Spring ROMEO Rendezvous April, 25th,26th

Post by Bob K. » Fri Apr 28, 2017 10:30 pm

After the rainy day activities, the meeting was a laugh a minute for all of us.
April Romeo Trip 055.JPG
Moving the conference room to the lobby for the meeting.
April Romeo Trip 060.JPG
April Romeo Trip 063.JPG
April Romeo Trip 064.JPG
April Romeo Trip 065.JPG
April Romeo Trip 070.JPG
April Romeo Trip 073.JPG
The lobby was completely full.
April Romeo Trip 074.JPG
April Romeo Trip 075.JPG
April Romeo Trip 082.JPG
April Romeo Trip 084.JPG
Roger Smith
April Romeo Trip 085.JPG
Joe Purinton
April Romeo Trip 090.JPG
Leo Clegg
April Romeo Trip 093.JPG
Richard Kurtz
April Romeo Trip 097.JPG
Lyle Adcock
April Romeo Trip 100.JPG
April Romeo Trip 102.JPG
April Romeo Trip 103.JPG
April Romeo Trip 105.JPG
April Romeo Trip 107.JPG
All standing, then sitting oldest to youngest.
April Romeo Trip 109.JPG
April Romeo Trip 110.JPG
Youngest Romeo still standing.
April Romeo Trip 114.JPG
58 year young Scott Ferris, Topeka, Ks.
April Romeo Trip 118.JPG
April Romeo Trip 121.JPG
Bucky's all time favorite BMW trophy to JR Kilburn.
April Romeo Trip 126.JPG
Harry Bryant telling Bucky how much he appreciates him. Sorta.
April Romeo Trip 127.JPG
Connie Hammond had some Romeo t-shirts to give away for the raffle.
April Romeo Trip 129.JPG
Dale Pollard won a Spring Rendezvous shirt in the first drawing.
April Romeo Trip 130.JPG
Wanda Koehn won a Spring Rendezvous shirt in the second drawing.
April Romeo Trip 131.JPG
Bob Koehn won the first 50/50 drawing. It wasn't rigged, Harry.
April Romeo Trip 133.JPG
Craig Davis won the second 50/50 drawing.
April Romeo Trip 134.JPG
Dan Doerhoff won the grand prize 50/50, that is a $1 million dollar bill on top of the real money.

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