North Central ROMEO Wednesday lunch ride 10/11/17

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North Central ROMEO Wednesday lunch ride 10/11/17

Post by Roadpounder » Mon Oct 09, 2017 1:50 pm

I tried to contact Willie Burger but they are apparently closed on Monday. Perhaps next week. I was able to connect with a place we haven't visited in since June of last year. As I recall it was a good time then and they seem happy to have us back.

The weather for tomorrow is looking better with a high of 68. It looks like winter is on the way! We will be leaving from the Sleep Inn at 10:30
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OK Old Man Winter!! Bring it!!
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Here it is.............. Dutch Kitchen
6803 W. K61 Highway
Hutchinson, Kansas


Facebook Page............ ... 6/?fref=ts

Web Page.............

Map site.............

I got up not expecting the day to be as eventful as it turned out to be. After going through my morning routine I checked to see how many people on Facebook have declared me to be a blithering idiot. Keeping one eye on the clock I perused the web for the usual string of vulgar rants aimed in my direction. I brush them off considering the source. Be that as it may. Noticed that 9:30 was creeping up on me so I gathered up everything I needed and blasted out for the Sleep Inn. I gassed up on the way and when I got there I found that I was alone. It was only then that I realized that I was 45 minutes early. So I settled in for the wait. After about a half hour of solitude the others started to arrive. Soon we had an armada of 10 heading for Hutchenson. All went well until we got to Hutchinson. There the traffic lights took their toll. I was behind Diesel Dave and he made the light bur me not so much. There were three behind me and they all thought the lemming in the lead knew where he was going. Knowing the place was on K61 I pressed on through town on 61 until I missed a turn and ran out of pavement. I took that as a clue that we were going the wrong way. Turned around we got back on 61 and headed out of town. As I recalled it was a little out of town on 61 so I kept an eye out for a sign and bikes. I pulled over prepared to call someone for directions. That's when Little Jim told me that he saw a sign saying it was 3 miles. Off we went looking for the aforementioned clues. Jim saw the place and pulled in while I motored on in total oblivion right past the restaurant. Now I am hell and gone lost and threw all testosterone to the wind and called Diesel Dave. He confirmed my suspicions and I turned around. Before long I saw Dave at the side of the road Flailing his arms wildly in his bright yellow hoodie. I really believe he could have been seen from the International Space Station. Finally I arrive, get parked and get the outdoor shots, and get inside ti put the feed bag on. Everything looked good and I was having a hard time choosing. My eyes landed on the open face hot beef sandwich and the choice was made. The fried chicken did look good though. But I already was planning chicken for supper. As usual I was the last one served and the last one out. When I did get outside I was apprised of the misfortune that befell Chuck Rienhardt. Apparently he had shut his bike down with the kill switch and forgot to turn the key off. By the time he got back out to the bike the battery was all but dead. We made several gallant attempts to bump start it on the unpaved parking lot to no avail. Enter Bug Jim with a set of jumper cables. We jumped it off of my bike and Chuck was up and running. I agreed to ride back home with Chuck and carry Jim's jumper cables as a safety precaution. It was a given that neither Chuck or I would make it back on the gas we had we knew he would have to shut down again. We were going to head back the way we came so I let chuck lead. We again missed a turn so we turned north and found our way to Buhler. By then Chuck's low fuel light came on. We found the only gas station in town, which also happened to be a bike shop. Bellies and tanks full we pressed on uneventfully to Salina. Back at home I thought all the trials and tribulations were over for the day. But before long I got a call from Terry Powell. He apparently picked up a piece of road junk in his rear tire but was able to nurse it home. As of this writing we are still waiting for a replacement tire for his bike. Despite all the fits, and starts and fumbles of the day, we still had a great ride.
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